This web site is here for the members of Payne County Rural Water District No.3 in Oklahoma. Its purpose is to keep you informed on what is going on throughout the district, and to help you understand how we run the district.

Water Payment Changes

Change in mailing address for your water bill!

The Payne County Bank of Perkins has accepted water bill payments for 42 years – we have been very grateful for their service and wish to thank them for their efforts on behalf of the Water District. The Water District membership has grown from 60 meters in 1974 to more than ten fold presently.

Payne County Bank in Perkins will not accept water bill payments beginning November 1, 2016.

• No drive thru payment drop off

• No walk-in payment

• No payment received by mail

Beginning with this bill payment, your check or money order must be mailed to:

RWD 3, Payne County

PO Box 268977

Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8977

This is a bonded drop box service. Mail will be picked up Monday thru Friday and deposits made to our account. We will receive scanned images of your check and payment detail; these will be archived for our records.

Please mail your payment in time for it to be received by the 15th of each month. If the 15th is on a week-end or holiday, then by the next banking business day. (This is not much different than your credit cards.) Payment of water bill will not be accepted at the office.

For anyone interested in auto draft payments, our ACH form may be found on-line at www.rwd3.com or you may call the office (405-707-7100) to request a form be mailed.

The Water District will be adding an on-line portal early next year to allow for payment to be made via credit or debit cards. You will be able to view your bills and past history via the portal. Additional information about the portal will be made available on our web site www.rwd3.com.